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Defaith Rose are Completely Handcrafted

Rose Has Long Been a Symbol of Love, Beauty, Emotion

Rose is the embodiment of love, peace, friendship, courage and dedication. People use it as a symbol of love. In ancient Greek mythology, the rose is a combination of love and beauty. It is both the embodiment of the god and the blood of the god of love. Around the world, roses are the universal language used to express love.  

100% Real Natural Rose from DeFaith Rose Garden

Our Rose Gifts are handcrafted from 100% real natural roses. Our highly skilled artist carefully monitor each rose as it grows and begins to bloom. When it reaches its ideal moment of perfection and beauty, it is chosen and harvested. Then go through a lengthy series of steps by hand to preserve the roses’ original stunning beauty.  

Never Withered Rose Lasts for a Longtime

Our Roses Are Never Withered. Through almost 65 meticulous steps by skilled artisans and technicians. They are cut and preserved in a protective shell of 24k gold, silver, platinum to make them last a long time. So never worry that the rose you give her will be withered.  

It Will be a Eternal Meaningful Memory for You and Her

Our roses are often given as gifts on special occasions like Wedding Anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Mother's Day, Birthdays and other celebrations and events. They are the perfect gifts for her when you express love to her, and we are sure that it will be a eternal meaningful memory for you and her.