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Who We Are?
DeFaith - An everlasting real rose brand, a messenger of love. We keep faith in love, focus on artworks of everlasting real roses for gifts, help people express their true love, and remember those sparkling days forever.
What We Do?
We have always thought that roses are irreplaceable as an expression of love, but fresh roses quickly wither and make people sad, and fake roses would make your lover believe you were not sincere in your love. specializes in produce everlasting rose gifts for your loved one on special occasions like Wedding Anniversaries, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Birthdays, Christmas and other celebrations and events. We offer 24k gold dipped rose, silver dipped rose, rose jewelry, forever rose, "Beauty and The Beast " enchanted rose. 100% real natural rose, never withered rose, a token of forever love.
DeFaith does not sell fake roses, does not produce products of inferior quality. We only offer the most exquisite and long-lasting, real roses.
Why Choose DeFaith Everlasting Rose Gifts?

Troubles you have encountered or will encounter: We understand your troubles and help to solve them:
You know you love her very much, but you don't know how to express your love. Giving Gifts is a great way to express your love, through gifts making surprise to let your love more passionate, more sweeter.
It's difficult to choose the best gift for a women to demonstrate how you truly feel, and to show her the depth of your affections. Rose has long been a symbol of love, beauty, emotion. There is not a more iconic romantic symbol than the rose.
In your lives together, you will have given your partner countless gifts, but how many were truly memorable? Most gifts are easily forgotten. When you want to commemorate an important occasion, you need to choose something that can be treasured for a lifetime, and one that makes her think of you every time she sees it on display. Everlasting Rose is preserved to last a lifetime, like the love that will last forever, so it will be a memorable memory for her.
Although women love rose, and price is not cheap, it is a relatively brief encounter as they will wither within a week or so, while plastic fake rose make her feels insincere. Everlasting Rose is never withered rose, a token of forever love. It is completely handcrafted by 100% real natural fresh rose. Carefully selected at the peak of their beauty and then dipped and plated with a rich 24k gold or silver finish to create a breathtaking masterpiece for your lifetime enjoyment.
Women also love jewelry, but how to choose a perfect jewelry for her? Why not select a unique gold rose pendant necklace or earrings? each item is made from natural miniature rose petals which have been glazed and trimmed with pure 24 karat gold, reflecting the true beauty of a flower combined with the enduring nature of gold, this is a luxurious gift that she will treasure for a lifetime.
Women love feeling special, and hope their gifts to be unique, so how to give her a unique gift that lets her know how much you value her. Everlasting Rose's natural beauty will be eternally preserved without fading or tarnishing over time. You can also custom personalized rose for her, add a Loving Message to the rose, tell her you love her forever!
It's difficult to choose the right gift for her for each occasion, such as Anniversary, Valentine's day, Birthday, Mother's Day, etc Everlasting Rose is the perfect gift to mark every occasion, such as Anniversary, Valentine's Day, Birthday, Mother's Day, Christmas, Wedding, Marriage Proposal, Engagement and other celebrations and events. Everlasting Rose Gifts include 24k gold rose, silver dipped rose, gold rose jewelry, forever rose, "Beauty and The Beast" enchanted rose, and have a wide range of colors. Why not purchase a different Everlasting Rose each year and see them accumulate into a beautiful colorful bouquet to reflect every passing year of your devoted love?
How to choose genuine Everlasting Rose? now there are many copy Everlasting Rose. Plating precious metal on rose flower is not easy to do. In fact, it has taken us many years to progress it to the quality level that exists today. Our aim is provide a reasonably priced gift relative to the workmanship and overall quality.
Why Join DeFaith Affiliate Program On Shareasale?
* Commisson: Up to 20% Commission for Confirmed Sales
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Which Benefits for Your Customers?
* Exquisite, Long-lasting, Real Rose
* Unique Personalized Gifts for Your Loved One
* Affordable Price
* Paypal Payment
* Free Shipping & Fast Delivery
* Lifetime Warranty
* 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
* Standard Members Will Enjoy a 5% Discount Storewide
* Premium Members Will Enjoy an 8% Discount Storewide
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How Affiliate Program Works
How to Join?
Step 1. Log in as affiliates or publishers.
Step 2. Search for our account ( Shareasale ID: 89922 ) or click the ID numbers or click the ShareASale Banner below.
Step 3. Apply to join us and wait for approval.
Step 4. Grab the DeFaith affiliate link code from the site and add it to your own website(s), promote for us and watch the commissions roll in.

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