What Are Good Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend?

Jul 08, 2019 • by DeFaith
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What Are Good Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend

No matter who you’re buying for, it's always tricky to find the right birthday gifts. When it’s your girlfriend, it’s even trickier. Cuddly toys and perfume only go so far and meals out can be expensive.

Roses have been associated with declarations of love for centuries. Valentine’s Day is awash with red roses and a bunch of flowers on a first or early date is often a popular choice. Many men go with these ideas because it may be too early in the relationship to really know their girlfriend’s passions, or because they have a traditional idea of ‘this is how things happen at this stage of a new relationship’.

True, flowers are always a good idea for a last minute gift, and many bouquets last for 10 days to two weeks now. But flowers always wilt and die, and are usually then simply thrown away. The memories linger, but the physical gift has gone. However, DeFaith.com have come up with a new twist on the fresh bouquet or single red rose as a birthday gift. A flower made from real natural rose petals, dipped or covered in 24 carat gold, is the gift that keeps on giving. It doesn’t wilt because it’s glazed so it is a gift not just for a special birthday or anniversary, but forever.

A rose pendant necklace is a great mix of all the best options for a birthday gift for your girlfriend, fiancee or wife. It’s jewelry, flowers and gold all in one. The rose is a miniature bud made from real petals, which are glazed and edged in 24k gold on an 18 inch chain. There are two different settings. Both feature 30mm rosebuds. One version has the bud on its own on the chain; the other has the bud set into a gold and diamante mount. There are a selection of flower bud colours available in the rose pendant necklace range. You can choose from traditional red, cool ivory or edgy blue. For those who like matching sets, other jewelry is also available in the same designs.

The gold trim adds a touch of class to this unusual birthday gift and makes it a good choice to mark you out as a man who chooses thoughtful, unique presents. It shows you put some time and effort into thinking about a present for your girlfriend and didn’t just follow the usual time-worn easy option.

For a birthday gift for her to treasure, you should consider choosing a rose pendant necklace from DeFaith.com.