Tiger on the box

Our Tiger Sniffs The Rose, is inspired by the immortal saying, “In me the tiger sniffs the rose”, written by the English poet Siegfried Sassoon. Even a tiger takes the time to carefully sniff the scent of a rose; so however busy you are, or how great are your ambitions, you will surely be overcome by its tenderness and beauty, you will stop in your tracks and quietly appreciate the beauty that nature has endowed upon it. No matter what kind of person you are, as long as there is love in your heart, you can be very tender and appreciative.

The red color of the pattern symbolizes the passion of love; the white denotes purity and a wedding dress. The golden embellishment on the logo is 24k gold plating, which protects the rose, and allows the love to last forever.

We hope, not only the gold rose but also the packing box are the part of this gift that will make her feel your special deep love and appreciate for her, and your faith in love.